What is AYA Meditation?

AYA Meditation is a musically guided practice

designed to the heartbeat and the breath.

Whether you’re an experienced meditator or just getting started, these musically guided meditations will bring you into a state of calm and deep grounding.

When you listen to this music, your body will relax into a natural breathing pattern and a resting heart rate.

Our breath becomes longer just like the waves of the ocean. We drop into the pulse of our true essential nature and we connect with ourselves, the planet, and our place in the universe.

All this music is recorded live in meditation, for meditation, so by listening to this, you are being guided gently to connect to your heart.

For thousands of years, music has been used for healing and has profoundly affected our wellbeing.

We designed these practices so you can develop a daily meditation that you will look forward to. You will entrain your brainwaves to be still. This music was made out of stillness.

Consistent daily practice will encourage your brain to associate these certain frequencies, sounds, harmonies, and rhythms with an instant state of peace and tranquility. Each time you practice, you will drop in with more ease and effortlessness.

Use this as a tool to use throughout the day - in the morning, any time at work, at college before a test, when you’re home with the kids, before bed, and anytime you’d like to chill out or want a quick reset. Just a few moments a day will remind of you of your true essential nature, Love.

Intention + Vibration = Transformation

Set an intention each time you practice.

As musicians, we have found that singing meditation music brings the listener into a meditative state. It is with great happiness that we can share this with others and hope that it brings you love, peace, and deep grounding in your everyday living.

with Love and Music,

Aya and Tyler